Fuzzy Bunnies and Blood Soaked Wood. . .

BEARING THE SWORD: A Christian Ministry

To people living in the United States in the year 2015 the word “Easter” conjures up images of little, cute and furry bunny rabbits. It brings to memory the taste of chocolate and the joy of watching your young children walk past plastic eggs that are 14 inches away from them on their Easter egg hunt. It is a time of family, community and church celebration, but I think we sometimes miss what this celebration is supposed to represent. In keeping to the true fashion of this ministry that is written to warrior men and women, I wish to bring to remembrance what this celebration is meant to cause us to remember. The eggs are only symbols of the new birth that we have in Christ, and it is imperative that we remember the price of this freedom. This is quite an abbreviated study, and I encourage you to study…

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