Biblical Clarity on Refugees. . .




A big issue that has been in the news recently has been the thousands of refugees that are fleeing religiously driven war torn areas of our world. There have been a huge number of articles and blog posts that have filtered through the chasm of social media with opinions on both sides of the spectrum. Many have preached that Christ would accept all into His fold, and we should do the same. There have been many that claim we should accept none, for fear of this being a virtual act of war. In essence, this is a rouge of sorts to allow our enemies free passage to come and murder us in our own streets. There is validity to both positions, but additional clarity is needed. I would now like to add my post to the mix with intent on providing such clarity.

It is a well founded Biblical principle that we are to provide care and love to our fellow man to show them that God loves His creation. However, to apply this principle exhaustively over other Biblical principles is a recipe for disaster. A principle that comes to mind is protecting our widows and orphans from a well established and credible threat. It is a problem for one to think that the world is a rosy and wonderful place, and evil does not exist. This is also a recipe for disaster. It is not Biblical either. If anything teaches us that evil exists it should be Christ, and his work on the cross. His work here delineated between grace given to those who call Him Lord and those who stand in opposition to Him by denying Him. Myself, and countless others, whom have faced evil in this world know the fact that it must be stopped by force if our children are to live in a country where freedom under our Biblical God exists. The  Bible teaches cover to cover that evil exists, and that God’s judgment is coming upon evil people.

There is an issue that must be addressed for us to perceive this problem correctly. It is quite simply: What is right and wrong? There is a social stigma with the words “religious war.” It carries with it an idea of a group of closed minded people who claim they are fighting for things that are unseen. This idea is then dismissed with swift prejudice because it appears morally wrong, but I argue that’s the whole issue. What is morally wrong? Does society drive this? Do my own feelings drive this? What drives morality? Most people will consent that a war is warranted under certain circumstances. Even many of the most ardent pacifists will have a point of no return. At the core of the issue is this: religion drives what is right and wrong, and this is its impact within a society. Specifically on the topic of refugees, does their integration in our society have a positive impact or negative impact our nation’s moral ethic? This question must be answered prior to our decision, because it will greatly impact the United States of America that we leave to our children.

The first question is not should we allow Muslim refugees into our borders to help them, but should we allow thousands of people into our country that follow a system of morality that stands in direct opposition to Jesus Christ and the moral law that He taught. This question finds its answer in our children’s eyes. Do we want them to live in a culture that shifts their focus away from the One True God, and builds a culture that is certain to receive His wrath? We must answer these questions, prior to making our decision to allow our culture to be shifted even more away from our Creator. The line that must be used as a metric is derived in the system of morality this person uses to guide their life.

We see a wonderful example of what could be referred to as a refugee in Joshua 2. Rahab was fearful of the Nation of Israel’s invasion of her city, Jericho. She showed love and kindness, as a soon to be refugee, to the spies sent by her soon to be invaders. She believed in The Lord, and after the fall of her city she assimilated into the Jewish culture. She was the mother of Boaz, and subsequently David, the King of Israel. Ultimately she was used by God to bring about Jesus the Christ into the world, not because she was a former refugee, but because she followed God’s morality.

Our nation was constructed on the Judeo-Christian ethic, and has enjoyed great prosperity under God’s blessing when we have followed His Word. Being an American is not simply a right because of your birth, it is your adherence to something greater than yourself. It is an adherence to a moral law that was given by our Creator so many years ago, and has fathered our nation’s founding. Many refugees have entered our country and have been successful in assimilation and building the strength of our nation, but does this current situation parallel these hard working, moral people?

In making your decision, please evaluate this most important area of discussion, because our children are depending on us.

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Matthew 4:4 – “. . . It is written, Man shall not live on bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

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