God, Freedom and American Sniper

Last night I went with a group of buddies to see the life of Chris Kyle in the movie American Sniper. First of all, I appreciate the movie not focusing on a singular part of Chris’ life, but viewing his military training, combat experience and family life proportionally. The movie portrayed him as a human being who rose to the occasion. It displayed his fortitude in defeating evil, but more importantly for me, it displayed his understanding of evil. I read his book a while ago, and understood this point through it as well. We should all understand this. He was decisive because he was grounded. He framed what he did within the confines of Scripture as a man. He fought for innocent life. He fought for his wife, children, brothers in arms, and for you and me against evil that he knew intimately. This intimacy with evil was driven by all his senses being in action when he was next to it and fighting it. He didn’t just read a book on the topic, he was there. He was ready to stand before his Creator and answer for what he did because he believed what he did was right. I believe this clarity of thought led to his decisiveness in resolving situations that preserve our freedoms as Americans. We should not miss this. Clarity on what is right and wrong contributes greatly to the retention of our God given freedoms.

Moral clarity is a thing that appears to be slipping away taking with it our country’s previous understanding of freedom. The understanding of evil as opposition to what is true, right and noble is sliding down into a pool of political correctness, and it is slipping underneath the waters of confusion because we have influences trying to redefine what is true, right and noble. Freedom, within the confines of the founding documents of our great country, is defined as the unalienable God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness against the people who would intentionally deprive us of these rights. It was the God of the Bible that our forefathers believed gave these rights, and I believe this as well. We must remember the Declaration of Independence started a war. This war was not a pretty thing, but it achieved a beautiful thing. It achieved a country in which men and women were free to live their lives in peace, as long as they didn’t encroach on another person’s peace. In solidarity, it gave an environment where God given rights were free to exist.

Intentional actions of violence can be viewed in two ways. They can be viewed as good or evil, the opposite of good. These violent actions are either for the preservation of innocent lives, or they are against them. It is a normal response for a human being to not want to see what is needed to accomplish freedom against evil, and we should view this fact in humble gratitude for the men and women of this country that still have an accurate understanding of what freedom really is. I have been a policeman far too long to still believe the fanciful idea that all situations can be resolved peacefully. This should always be the intent, but is not always possible in the real world.

As the movie ended, I was taken back by the silence in the theater. You could have heard a pin drop as people processed what they just saw. It reminded me immediately of being at the the USS Arizona Memorial. No one spoke except a whisper occasionally because of the solemnity of the event. You could see the tears glistening on the cheeks of many in the dimly lit theatre.

I am a proud American Patriot who stands in gratitude and appreciation towards the men and women who carry guns to defend our freedoms. I am also a proud American to have been in that movie theatre last night with many Americans who stood and sat in silence after observing the life of a man who understood exactly what it means to be free from evil. He was great American Patriot that had clarity on what was right and wrong, and knew the cost of freedom. I am grateful to Taya, Chris’ family, and all family members of people who carry guns in defense of freedom for their sacrifices that contribute to our freedoms as Americans.

If this spoke to you please share it.

Thank you from a Grateful American,
Marc Crawford

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